Greenspace and sustainability

Nature abounds in a place of fresh air and wooded forests.

From the stewardship of Tutters Neck Pond to the conservation of the surrounding wooded areas and open spaces, Quarterpath is a place that embraces the value of nature. This community is making the preservation of natural landscape features a top priority, with a favorite point of reference being Redoubt Park. At this lush wooded site, there are two carefully preserved Civil War earthwork forts built by the Confederate Army that fought in the Battle of Williamsburg.

Within Quarterpath, you’ll find more than 130 acres of natural open greenspace, including permanent open space, Redoubt Park and Tutters Neck Pond.

In planning the community, we’ve also developed natural site drainage processes to help us to manage stormwater as a resource rather than a waste product. Throughout Quarterpath, we employ “green infrastructure” thinking, embracing practices that promote the natural movement of water, returning it to the atmosphere by evaporation or through the use of plants. It’s all part of our goal to maintain the highest standards of excellence at Quarterpath.

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