Designed for Wellness

How Quarterpath helps you live healthier by design.

How can a village keep you well? It’s all about design — and about making it easy for residents to be physically, emotionally and socially healthy. There are a number of ways the Quarterpath community supports wellness.

The whole neighborhood is designed for walkability. And it’s not just about walking through cul de sacs. Here, you’ll be able to walk to a restaurant for dinner, walk to a neighborhood event, walk for coffee and walk the paths into Redoubt Park, which is steeped in history and surrounded by beauty.

Feeling connected is a vital part of wellness. And you’ll have every opportunity to do so here. Planned and impromptu events will make their way into your social calendar. You’ll be a “regular” at the neighborhood businesses, and you’ll be as social or as private as you choose to be. And you’ll have opportunities for personal growth, with classes and educational series at Riverside Doctors’ Hospital.

Quarterpath will bring you all the qualities you need to support a life of wellness.

  • Lush woodlands, greenspaces, nature trails and ravines, all within the neighborhood
  • Tutters Neck Pond and the historic Redoubt Park
  • Biking
  • Fitness and wellness programming activities
  • Social interaction
  • Access to medical care and advice

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