The richness of nature stokes the wellness of life. A wave from your     
    neighbor can be
powerful medicine.
Live close to work and a million miles away from it. What’s good for your family can be great for your health.

Welcome to a community designed around wellness.

What is wellness? It’s the health of both body and mind. It’s about making exercise part of your lifestyle, eating well, learning constantly, connecting socially and living every minute to its fullest. Quarterpath is a village in Williamsburg, Virginia, that’s being built to support a life of wellness. Here, walking trails, greenspaces and world-class healthcare will be right in the neighborhood. You’ll be able to walk to the store or to meet friends for lunch. Explore Redoubt Park. And Visit Colonial Williamsburg just a few miles away. In this community, wellness will come naturally, because your lifestyle is built around it. Learn more. And you, too, could live well.

A mixed-use village with nature as a backdrop

Picture a small village from days gone by. It’s filled with beautiful homes, friendly neighbors, shops, restaurants, offices and all the services you need. On the edge of the village, a lush forest stands ready for exploration. And the people who live here simply open their front door and venture out on foot. This is what life used to be like. And this is how it can be, once again, when you make Quarterpath your home. You’ll be more connected, more active and more alive. Because this is not a pull-into-your-driveway-and-go-inside kind of place. This is different.

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